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On-Demand / As Needed Services

Live Remote Support services are backed by a 100% money back guarantee.

How to get started

First click the desired service option below completing payment on PayPal's secure site or call us at
262-358-6780 to discuss purchasing a "Support Incident". Upon successful payment processing, you are prompted to download our connection app, then using your broadband internet connection we then establish a secure connection to your computer. This enables one of our industry certified technicians to work with your computer just as if he or she was sitting there at your desk, this is true Remote Desktop Support.

You are able to watch everything your technician does, where he or she goes on your computer and visually verify that services are being performed. Upon initial connection your computer will ask for permission to run an applet, this is normal and part of the secure connection process, please click "Allow" or "Run" depending on the operating system you are using.

Complete System Tune-Up

Our system engineers perform a complete detailed analysis of your computer and address any issues found. We will optimize your computer to get the most performance your hardware allows.

• Virus & Malware removal
• Disk Defragmentation
• Registry Cleanup
• Verify that software and hardware drivers are up-to-date
• Address any errors in the Windows/System Event Logs

Price: $74.99

Wireless Home or Office Configuration & Security

Our wireless networking professionals will configure your wireless network to ensure the most secure access possible.

• Step by Step Hardware Setup
• Complete Secure Setup & Configuration
• Firewall Setup & Configuration
• Shared Folder Configuration
• Wireless Device Connection & Configuration
• VPN Setup & Configuration

Price: $49.99

Printers, Scanners, Cameras & Other Devices

Our attached device experts will install and sync your MP3 players, Digital Camera's, Scanners & Printers to your computer.

• Device Software Installation & Configuration
• Digital Camera data transfers & sharing
• Sync your Printer, Scanner & other deviecs
• Blackberry Smartphone Desktop Manager
• Windows Smartphone Exchange Active Sync Specialists

Price: $29.99

All you need is a high-speed internet connection and a telephone.